About us

Forward Arts Foundation is a national charity committed to widening poetry’s audience through grassroots campaigns.

Who We Are

We’re campaigners

Fighting to give established, underrepresented and up-and-coming poets a platform and the resources to build a career.

We’re healers

Working with schools, libraries and a range of partners to help more people feel better through reading and writing poetry.

We’re facilitators

Finding world-class poetry and amplifying it so the world can hear.

What We Do

National Poetry Day

Our flagship event, an annual nationwide celebration of poetry.

Find out more about National Poetry Day.


Forward Prizes for Poetry

The annual ‘Oscars’ of poetry.

Check out past winners and submissions.


Forward Books of Poetry

The best poetry of the year, and the decade, collected in beautiful anthologies. Get your hands on a collection

Our Organisational Values

We are open. We are receptive to everyone’s ideas and input. We welcome opportunities to learn from difference. We reject the hierarchies in our artform and work to break down barriers to accessibility.

We are playful. We embrace a spirit of experimentation. We question our assumptions and existing practices. We use play to inspire new ideas and build resilience.

We champion wonder. Poetry offers moments of pause which helps us appreciate the world around us. We try to see known things anew and to share our joy with our communities.

  • William Sieghart

    Meet the Team

  • A picture of all the winners from the Forward Prizes for Poetry 2023. From left to right: Jason Allen-Paisant, Momtaza Mehri, Bohdan Piasecki and Malika Booker


  • Work With Us

We are grateful to all our supporters and partners